Event: Thalassemia Awareness Program

Thalassemia Awareness Program

Thalassemia Awareness Program

THALASSEMIA is an inherited blood disease. The marriage of two thalassemia minor patients could produce one thalassemia major child. Therefore, thalassemia minor patients should not marry each other.


Event Location

University Town, Peshawar,
25000, KPK

Event Times

Starting Time: 9:00am

Ending Time: 11:00am

About The Event

The even was organized with the help of a local blood foundation that is already working on Thalassemia Awareness Program.

The main purpose of the event was creating awareness about thalassemia.

The treatment for patients with thalassemia major includes iron removal and second is blood transfusion, which has become a very difficult process these days.

These patients need blood after every 15 to 20 days to survive. The only cure is bone marrow transplantation which is too
expensive and most patients cannot afford it.

In Pakistan, there is a lack of awareness about this disease and people are even discouraged to donate blood for these patients.

I request the authorities concerned with healthcare in Pakistan to run awareness programmes about the disease and encourage the public to donate blood for thalassemia patients.