History & Introduction

History & Introduction

Resource Organization for Advancement and Development (ROAD-NGO), Old Jamrud Road, University Town, Peshawar is a non-governmental, non-political, non- profit and professional organization working for the welfare and deprived communities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since January 2006. The organization is a gender based organization fulfilling the requirements of gender based interventions while working on a specific project. The organization is a member based organization attracted a sufficient number of professionals specialized in gender based conflicts, community empowerment and mobilization and trainings on various aspects including conflicts sensitive planning and gender responsive, gender and environment, training to local bodies, NGOs, CBOs and CCBs on various disciplines required by government and public time to time.

ROAD NGO has been working in the rural communities of Peshawar, Swat, Buner and FATA especially in South Waziristan. Being a promoter in education and stabiulity in the region, the organization has successfully completed a number of seminars on these topics in Peshawar, Swat, Buner and Lower Dir. For the last four years the organization is actively involved in community empowerment in Swat, Dir , Buner and South Waziristan conducted a number of activities on advocacy in environment program, Livestock seminars, health hygiene water and sanitation, education and stability both environmental and social. The organization has attracted a number. of volunteers from Swat, particularly from Saidu Sharif, Buner ,Dir and South Waziristan Agency whose active involvement in multifarious programmes like walks, seminars, Training courses and awareness campaigns/workshops have brought visible positive change in the communities they are at work. Besides, the NGO has motivated a number of communities for creating their own nonprofit activities for the uplift of life standards of the masses of their respective areas.

The main purpose of ROAD NGO is to bring positive changes in peoples’ mind with regard to policies that might lead them towards a prosperous life. The NGO took initiative for gender development in March 2006 for the first time.


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