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We all have something to give. So if you know how to read, find someone who can’t. If you’ve got a hammer, find a nail. If you’re not hungry, not lonely, not in trouble – seek out someone who it is. – George Bush

You are hope for them!

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not the hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.

Working With Us!!

Jobs at ROAD

ROAD provides a conducive working environment to all its team members regardless of their race, color, gender or any other discrimination. If you are a professional development worker with an enthusiasm to work for the uplift of the Human beings we need you. We look for honesty, hard work, professional integrity and the ability to find solutions to problem in our team. If you have these qualities, please let us know. Please fill the attached form and send it back to Please specify the Position for which you are applying, in the subject line of your email. (For Open positions). If there is no opening in the area of your expertise, you can send us your bio-data on the attached format; in that case you have to specify thematic area of your expertise in the subject line of your email.

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Are you a fresh, energetic and enthusiastic graduate? We can provide you an opportunity to let you test practically your learnt theories. Here you will see how knowledge is transformed to work for humanity. Or if you are a professional who wants to volunteer for the cause of uplift of the underprivileged, Please fill the attached format and send it back to

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The suppliers/Vendors interested in pre-qualification/registration/enlistment with ROAD must submit the following documents along with the filled registration form.

1. Copy of registration certificate under the relevant law.

2. Company profile which also include details of works/assignments undertaken in the last three years.

3. Copy of NTN certificate in the business name.

4. Audit reports for the last 03 years.

5. Bank accounts details-Financial standing

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