Who We Are & What We Do

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Welcome To ROAD NGO:-

Resource Organization for Advancement & Development (ROAD) is a non-profit, non-political and non-government organization established in 2006 and registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with registration Number: 993/4/4094.

The organization is dedicated to promote Environmental Awareness, peace, education, capacity building of the civil society organizations, economic development human rights, public health, hygiene, water and sanitation, and also to stop violence against women for all religions around the globe. The organization is a member based organization attracted a sufficient number of professionals specialized in gender based conflicts, community empowerment and mobilization and training on various aspects including conflicts sensitive planning and gender responsive, gender and environment, training to local bodies, NGOs, CBOs and CCBs on various disciplines required by government and public time to time.

Our Objectives:-

  • To fight against exploitation, injustice and corruption if found against any individual, class, community in the society.
  •  To educate the people for adoption of the good norms of a good citizenship and to inculcate into the people’s mind, ideals of national unity.
  • To work for uplifting the status of women in the society. To work against female circumcision and to fight against the victimization of girl /women by anybody in the society on female circumcision or any other related issues.
  •  To propagate the need for tree plantation / pollution control and environmental awareness.
  •  To help and generate training programme for self employment of women and educated unemployed people and to work for adult education.
  • To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially for helpless people.
  •  To provide help under health & nutrition services for women   and children.
  •  To establish library and reading rooms in needy communities.
  •  To create Training/education center and health center.
  • To publish newspaper, magazine, journals and to reproduce works of arts, literature, science, crafts and other allied works/collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge.
  • To provide help/shelter/facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare.
  • To organize forums, seminars, camps etc for spreading good living habits, moral values, Ghanaian culture, and methods of developing self confidence etc and to create centers throughout the country for the above activities.
  •  To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development.
  • Provide scholarship/Financial help to poor rural/village people for their overall development.
  •  To provide help to people suffering from Natural calamities such as flood, Earthquakes, motor accidents etc.
  •  To provide free legal advice to poor people.
  • To create awareness among the people regarding AIDS etc.
  •  To educate people against taking drugs and Alcohol.
  •  To arrange land, building and other facilities for running school/college institution/Library etc.
  •  To raise funds through collection, donation or subscription and other means and invest money or incur expenditure in such manner as shall promote the attainment of aims and objectives of WHERE NGO.
  • To undertake any other work or assignment which may be for the general welfare of the people?

The motto of ROAD is “Leading  people to success”.

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