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Completed Projects

Collaboration with UNDP in Swat:

Community Based Environmental Management Practices to Empower Communities in Saidu Sharif, Swat for peace restoration and development under UNDP Reference No: UNDP/RFP/10/039 in 2010-2011

swat work

Background information of the Area:

The selected cluster is comprised of about 500 Households. The Swat has been badly affected by the violence created by the terrorist under Taliban movement and currently by flood. The Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) have been suffered a lot, particularly the female folk and children have no bounds of sufferings. The houses of the many IDPs have been partially or totally destructed and the life has to be started from the scratches. A part from the general destruction the children particularly the female school going children, who remained as main focus of the terrorist feel unsafe and scared. The ruins of the school buildings refrain them from education and coming back to the normal life. Similarly the women of the area are in the arena of the hope and fear .if some productive efforts have not been started by the government and the civil society organizations they will be marginalized and will have devastating effect on the present and the future life of the people of the area.
The women play a pivotal role in the rehabilitation not only of their own life structure but also to give confidence and support to their children for coming back to their normal life as soon as possible. There are numerous families in the project area who have lost not only their property but also the lives of their family income earners. If these women have not been given support in one way or other they will lose interest and it will result in an increase in poverty, prostitution, children trafficking, illegitimate children, child labor, drug production, trafficking and use, psychological diseases etc.
For giving relief to the women folk and community members, the primary step was their classification and organizations because unless and until the target group has not been organized one cannot give them proper support and meaningful benefits.. After having classified the women the second step was their organization in form of the Community Based Organization (CBOs). The CBOs thus formed were brought under a network to enable them to approach to different departments for the solution of their problems.
Awareness Campaign, Needs Based Trainings and Linkages Development Seminars were arranged for the women and general community of the area on the topic. The Awareness Campaign had help to make aware the women about the intervention its benefits where as the Needs Based trainings like the Organization, Communication Skills have help them to reach to the proper place and the right people to obtain the help, support and guidance to decrease the miseries. Similarly the linkages development seminars with different aid providing organizations were provide opportunity to the poorest and marginalized women to share their views on one hand to help them plan and direct their road map in the right direction and also to get immediate relief from them. These types of training were conducted by volunteers of the area on self half basis.

Project Description

Main objective

The main objective of this project was to enhance & improve the living condition of the resident of Saidu Sharif, District Swat by construction 30 no of Pakka Pour Flush In House Latrines, 40 No of Rectangular RCC Dustbins for Dispose off Solid and Liquid waste from street and Houses for the community whose income does not allow them to do so by its own, 40 no of Circular RCC Dustbins.

By providing Water In-House latrines the families of Siadu Sharif were protected from environmental Problems and the children were saved from diseases like, diarrhea, Malaria and fever etc. As a result their living standard has been increased and was able to have enabling environment in and outside their homes.  So in this way the socio economic condition of the villagers were enriched and environmental restoration in the whole area were outcome of this activity

Specific Objectives:

  • Provision of the clean environment to the cluster residents of Saidu Sharif, district Swat.
  • Improvement of the hygiene and sanitary condition through the construction pour flash latrines in the proposed communities.
  • Improvement of the living standard of the poorest of the poor.
  • Development of proper and manageable in house latrines to the low income community, Essential elements were promoted and development sense of cleanliness and protection of environment.
  • Formed and strengthened the village organization to ensure active participation for the community and identification, implementation and maintenance and social development activities in the area by the end of the project period. The individual member were benefited from the formation and strengthening of the VO’s.

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